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Entrusting portfolio management to a specialist


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Mandate management

As part of our mandate management solution, clients lacking the time or expertise can delegate the bespoke management of their investments to an expert who acts on their behalf. Our clients can also entrust us with a discretionary mandate, giving us greater latitude to manage their portfolio according to their profile and needs.

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Personalised assessment

Before directing our clients towards a mandate profile (defensive, balanced, dynamic, etc.), the private banker analyses their current personal and financial situation, risk profile, objectives, etc. with the aim of identifying the right approach to managing their investments.

Active allocation

A rigorous selection process guides the initial composition and the active allocation of stocks within the portfolio, in terms of asset classes, geographical areas, business sectors, etc. Thanks to our open architecture approach, our asset managers can access the best funds on the market.


Our clients can monitor the performance of their investments through regular information, including a quarterly management report, supplemented by regular contact with their private banker.

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Profiled or tailored management, always in line with our clients' goals.

Lieven Jacobs

Chief Investment Officer & CEO of QBP Finance

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